Is This What A True Warrior Really Is?

I Swore To Myself,
That I Would Never Be Weak.
Never Need Anybody,
To Take Care Of Me.

I Don’t Need Any Help,
Nor Do I Need You.
Never Do I Wish To Be,
A Burden On Someone Else.

I Can Be Strong,
I Can Be Brave.
I Can Be A Fighter,
I Can Be A Defender.

But I Will Never Again,
Be Weak.

I Stand Alone,
But Is This Hw It Has To Be?
I Can’t Let Anybody In,
No-One To Cry To.

I’m Pushing My Boundries,
Reaching My Limits.
I Have Nobody.
I’ve Shoved Them All Away,
Blocked Them All Out.

Is This What A True Warrior,
Really Is?

I’m So Lonely,
I Just Want Somebody,
Somene To Talk To.

Would They Let Me Back,
After All I’ve Done?
Would They Love Me,
Like They Used To?

I Don’t Feel Like,
A True Fighter.
I Don’t Feel,
Strong Or Brave.

I’m Confused,
I’m In Pain.
I Just Want To Hide,
Make Everything Go Away.

Nobody Understands,
The Pain And Horror I Face,
Each And Every Day.

This Isn’t What A Warrior,
Is Supposed To Be Like.
Is It?
I’m Unsure Of My Feelings,
Unsure Of My Intentions.

I’m Confused About My Future,
I’ve Lost Sight Of My Goals.

My Future Is Unclear,
And All I Can Do,
Is Wait.

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28 Jun 2008 No Comment 1

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