Is Duniya Mein Koi Bhi Kisi Ka Nahin Hai

Is Duniya Mein Koi Bhi Kisi Ka Nahin Hai Aajkal
Bas Dhan Ke Siva Koi Bhi Rishta Nahin Hai Aajkal

Milney Ko To Mil Jaate Hain Chehre Hazaron Aaj Bhi
Insaan Magar Ek Bhi Milta Nahin Hai Aajkal

Cactus Babool Khiltey Hain Sadkon Pe Charon Or Hi
Lagta Hai Koi Phool Bhi Khilta Nahin Hai Aajkal

Duniya Ne Kuchch Dena Na Seekha, Seekha To De Diye Zakhm
Doctor Bhi Bin Dhan Ke Inhe,Silta Nahin Hai Aajkal

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25 Jun 2017 No Comment 43

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