Is Bheegte Mausam Mein Beegte Hum

Is Bheegte Mausam Mein Beegte Hum
Aur Bheeg Jaati Hai Sanam Teri Yaadein.

Soochte Hai Hum Sooche Na Tumko Kabhi
Per Tanhaayee Mein Bulati Hai Sanam Teri Yaadein

Yu To Aag Se Humein Daar Bahut Lagta Hai,
Per Humein Jalati Hai Sanam Teri Yaadein.

Aapse  Dooriyaan To Jaan Le Ke Jaayengi
Ye Humein Batati Hai Sanam Teri Yaadein.

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31 Oct 2008 No Comment 13

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