In The Twilit Sky, I See Your Blurry Shadow

In The Twilit Sky, I See Your Blurry Shadow,
Floating Above My Sleeping Meadow.

I Long To Cradle It
Before The Cyan And Scarlet Colors Of Crepuscule Split.

When I Hear Your Voice During My Nights
I Am Filled With Joyful Delights.

Each Drop Of My Tears
Flip Flops Melodiously By My Ears.

And When I Taste Those Gleaming Tear Drops,
They Make Soft, Pleasant Pops.

My Joy Gleams,
And My Heart Beams.

When I Smell Your Body’s Aroma,
My Heart Wants To Be With You In Alabama.

Each Pulse Echoes Through Oceans’ Waters And Vast Lands;
And Jolts The Sahara’s Golden Sands.

I Want To Touch Your Soul As It Floats In My Dreams,
Knowing It Shines Like Those Sparkling Streams.

You Are Far From Me,
So We Can Only Be Sky And Sea

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