In Saanson Ka Aana Rok Dunga

In Saanson Ka Aana Rok Dunga,
Yeh Zubaan Par Tera Naam Laatien Hein,

In Yaadon Pe Bandeshen Laga Dunga,
Yeh Zehan Mein Teri Tasveer Banatein Hein,

Dhadkana Bhi In Dhadkanon Ka Kar Dunga Band,
Yeh Kho Kar Bhi Tujhe Paana Chatein Hein,

Chalne Na Dunga Jadu Teri Aadaon Ka,
Phir Dekhun Kaise Mujhe Tu Deewana Banaate Hai.

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    30 Sep 2008 No Comment 9

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