In Peaceful Rest Your Eyes Are Kissed

In Peaceful Rest Your Eyes Are Kissed
With Gentle Sleep I Watch Over You
With Passion And Pride And Know Where
My Heart Belongs

I Wait For You To Waken Anticipating
Your Bright Smile And Warm Affection
With Each Soft Breath And Subtle Sleeping
Move I Am A Heartbeat Away From Greeting
You With A Touch A Smile A Kiss

So Intense Are My Feelings For Want Of You
That When We First Met I Sometimes Shaded
My Thoughts For Fear Of Being Judged Too
Much Of A Romantic. Now, Together, I Know
That The Romance Was Not Mine To Give, But
Yours To Inspire.

I Will Not Wake You From Your Soft Sleep, Nor
Disturb Your Dreams. They Are Yours To Experience.
I Am Content To Sit And Watch Over My Dream.
Sleep, My Love. I Am Here.

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25 Aug 2008 No Comment 1

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