In My Heart, I Hold Your Love Close

In My Heart, I Hold Your Love Close,
It’s Your Love That I Need The Most.

I Sit Here As I Watch The Sunri
In The Morning Dew,

I See The Tip Of It Looking Like A Flame,
As I’m Feeling This Burning Love For You.

I Sit Here Alone With All My Thoughts Of You,
Watching The Sunlight Begin To Fill The Room.

Thinking Of Our Future,
And All The Things That We Will Do,

You Holding Me In Your Arms,
Your Heart Beating Against Mine,

As We Get Lost In Time.
As I Dream Of That Distant Place,

Where You Will Always Be Mine.
In My Heart You Will Always Be,

The One, The Only One For Me!
I Don’t Look Forward Going Through The Day,

Knowing You’re Not Here With Me.
Thinking Of The Endless Hours,

And The Days Dragging By.
Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

I Have A Wish For You And Me,
And I Hope That The Good Lord Grants It,

For You See, I Wish That You Would Bring
Your Love To Me. In My Heart,

You Will Never Leave,
So I Don’t Have To Grieve,

In My Heart, You’re My Only One,
And I Want You With Me Always,

Till All Our Days Are Done.

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