In Dust She Was Placed

In Dust She Was Placed
In A Cheap Shroud She Was Draped.
Wealth And Belongings No Longer Of Use
Only Actions And Good Deeds Intercede,

In The Puzzling Other World.
Dust She Could Not Stand And In The Dust
She Lies Separation Torturing Our Wounded Souls,
Helplessness Is What We Are Suffering,

Deep Sorrow Is Our Tormenting Emotion,
Our Hearts Are Bleeding And Screaming,
And There Is No Way Aida Could Stay Behind
In This World She Remains In Her Final Resting Place

Along With Her Predecessors,
Joining Her Mother And Ancestors,
The Rest Of The Departing Family.
It Is So Heartrending The Sky Is So Clear,

The Weather So Mellow And Sweet,
Balsamic Basil’s Sweet Fragrance
Perfuming The Air Alas! Aida Can No More Breathe.
She Cannot Enjoy The Sun Anymore.

Aida Left This World To Another Mysterious One.
We Couldn’t Leave Her Alone In Her Final Place,
But Had To Bidding Farewell To Her,
Parting Shredding Our Souls.

Praying For Her In Her Solitude,
Until We Are All Reunited At The End
Of This World Grief Is Twisting My Heart Making It Bleed,
Hurting My Soul Making It Sob,

And Blurring My Mind Making Me Speechless,
Numbing, Paralyzing Me And Exhausting Me.
God’s Will It Is, I Know,
At Times I Want To Scream And Howl.

She Has Gone On A One Way Trip, No Return,
A Truth Burning My Existence.
Seeing The Obituary Posted At The Building Door,
Yes That Is Her Name, That Is She, But Where Is She?

A Need To Wail Releasing Atrocious Wrench
Has She Ever Imagined That?
Did She Ever Picture Herself Like That?
A Truth Hard To Grasp For Our Simple Minds.

Her House Full Of People,
Her Friends, Family And Acquaintances,
People In Black, Flocking, Weeping,
Presenting Respect And Condolences.

People Who Loved Her Qur’an Recited
People Reading Prayers For Her,
Others Talking Some Drinking Tea Or Coffee
Tears Quietly Streaming,

Grief Is A Common Denominator.
Aida Assembled All Her Relatives And Beloved
Those Who Failed To Gather In Times Of Delight
But Made It In Time Of Distress.

All Came Uninvited Guests To Aida’s Party
A Gathering Devoid Of Celebration,
But In Honor Of Our Absent Hostess, Aida.
Aida Would Have Been Elated If She Knew

All That Crowd Would Be Present.
Alas It Is In Support And Consolation
Of Her Beloved And Kinfolk
As Well As Her Departing Soul.
Bless Your Soul Beloved Aida.

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22 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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