In And Between

In Between Is A State Of Being,
Neither First Nor Last, Top Or Bottom
Whose Situation, Is Not Before Or After,
There Is A Security In Numbers,

Easier To Disappear, Vanish Or Hide
Neither Distinguished Nor Ignominious
Remembered Or Forgot,
Heroes Of Accomplishment Or Failure,

Once Upon A Time, In Between
Lacked The Mania To Succeed,
Seemed Unromantic, Insipid And Dull
Unenviable, Buried In Mediocrity

Now All Are Crushed By Electronics, Over Run
By Super Sonic Waves, Thunderous Media Blaring
Blinding Psychodelic Spot-Lights, Touching
Glib And Flippant, Enervating And Shallow

Pulchritudes Bloom In Plastic Surgeries
Seeking Fashions, Fashionable And Uniform,
Symmetrical And Safe, Seeking Shelter,
To Hide Among The Inns And Between

The Middle Classes Fount Of Constancy,
Devoid Of Geniuses And Artists, So Unvanguard
The Bane Of Creativity,
Relishing In Dull And Anti-Revolutionary

Accepted Globalization Long Before The Planet
Belched Its Resources And Over-Populated
Forefathers Of The Trauma Of Pollution
Their Sect Better Equipped To Survive

This Is No Dirge Nor Lamentations Of Sorrow
For Tops And Bottoms, Firsts And Lasts
They Will And Are Replaced, Fade Away
It Is The In-Betweens That Remain To Testify

More Shayari by Shimon Weinroth
04 Sep 2008 No Comment

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