Immi Hai Ek Badha Tamater

Immi Hai Ek Badha Tamater
Kerta Hai Jo Badhi Patar Patar

Usko Nahi Hai Koi Akal
Jaa Bander Sheeshe Main Dekh Apni Shakal

Immi Hai Barbaaad
Ye Na Hoga Kabhi Abaad

Immi Ka Hai Time Kharab
Pilaonge Ise Police Station Ki Sharaab

Immi Hai Peepal Ka Bhoot
Chal Ja Gher Jaker Pii Sada Hua Doodh

Jab Bhi Ayega Sunday
Padenge Immi Ko 1000% Motey Motey Dande
Ab Na Lena Mujhse Panga Verna Sabreena Ker Degi Danga

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05 Dec 2008 No Comment 12

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