I’m Really Not The Praying Kind

I’m Really Not The Praying Kind,
But, Lately I’ve Been Down On My Knees,

Looking For A Reason To Believe,
Searching For An Answer To My Dreams,

Praying For A Miracle To End My Anxiety
To Find Rest For My Constant Worried Mind,

Disintegrate All My Problems,
Confess My Sins And Lies

Longing For The Happiness,
That Has Completely Disappeared Out Of Sight

Seeing The Pain That I Can Feel So Clear,
Fearing The Fear Within Me Here,,

Shouting Out With A Fierce Cry,
Feeling The Pain Shoot Through My Eyes

Looking To The Stars Up High,
Wishing For My Dreams To Come True,

Who Am I Kidding,
My Wishes Have Run Out Of Time

I’m Just Sitting Here Crying,
As My Body Is Slowly Dying,

Giving Up To One Last Wish,
That I Will Commit To Suicide

I Kneel Upon The Heavenly Skies
Star Light, Star Bright,

The Last Star I Will See Tonight,
Will I Won’t, Wish I Might,

Take My Life, My Life Tonight

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17 Apr 2022 No Comment 3

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