I’m Not Perfect

I’m Just Your Average Girl,
Trying To Make It By In Life.
I’m Not Perfect,
But I’m As Close As I Can Be.

I Make Mistakes,
I Stuff Up Like Everyone Else.
Yet You Want Me,
To Be Perfect.

I Can’t Live Up,
To Your Expectations.
No Matter How Hard I Try,
I Can’t Be Perfect.
And I Don’t Want To Be.

Why Can’t You Love Me,
For Who I Am?
Imperfections And All?
I Just Want You To Accept Me,
Not To Be Ashamed Of Me.

I Feel So Sad,
Obeying Your Rules.
Where Have I Gone?

I Am But An Empty Shell,
Amongst The Living.
I Am No-One,
Merely A Puppet.

But That’s Not Who,
I Want To Be.

If You Don’t Love Me For Who I Am,
Why Should I Obey You?
Why Should I Listen To You?
Why Should I Be Forced To Love You?

I’m Breaking Out Of The Chains,
You Once Kept Me In.
I Want To Be An Individual Again.
To Express My Opinions,
To Have My Voice Heard.
Not Just Another Face In The Crowd.

I Won’t Let You Stop Me,
Be Me.

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