If You Woke Up This Morning

If You Woke Up This Morning
With More Health Than Illness,
You Are More Blessed Than The
Million Who Won’t Survive The Week.

If You Have Never Experienced
The Danger Of Battle,
The Loneliness Of Imprisonment,
The Agony Of Torture Or
The Pangs Of Starvation,
You Are Ahead Of 20 Million People
Around The World.

If You Attend A Church Meeting
Without Fear Of Harassment,
Arrest, Torture, Or Death,
You Are More Blessed Than Almost
Three Billion People In The World.

If You Have Food In Your Refrigerator,
Clothes On Your Back, A Roof Over
Your Head And A Place To Sleep,
You Are Richer Than 75% Of This World.

If You Have Money In The Bank,
In Your Wallet, And Spare Change
In A Dish Someplace, You Are Among
The Top 8% Of The World’s Wealthy.

If Your Parents Are Still Married And Alive,
You Are Very Rare,
Especially In The United States.

If You Hold Up Your Head With A Smile
On Your Face And Are Truly Thankful,
You Are Blessed Because The Majority Can,
But Most Do Not.

If You Can Hold Someone’s Hand, Hug Them
Or Even Touch Them On The Shoulder,
You Are Blessed Because You Can
Offer God’s Healing Touch.

If You Can Read This Message,
You Are More Blessed Than Over
Two Billion People In The World
That Cannot Read Anything At All.

You Are So Blessed In Ways
You May Never Even Know.

You Are So Blessed In Ways
You May Never Even Know.

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