If Only I Had Seen Before

If Only I Had Seen Before,
In Ur Heart,So Cud Have Understand How Mean You Are

When We Met You Looked So Innocent
Did Not Know You Only Intend To Hurt

If Only I Had Seen Before,
That You R Here To Give Me Pain,

Not Here To Support Me During Strain
Friendship Was In The Beginning,Love Was In The End.

You Only Proposed Me ,During Rain
When We First Met,You Were So Friendly

Your Care Seems Unconditionally
Thoughts Of How Sweet You Were,How Kind And Gentle

I Didn’t Know That This Soon,Things Would Be All Mental.
You Made Me Feel Worthless,

But Same Time You Have Given Me Sumthing Special
That Has Improved Strength And Will Power Of Mine

That’s Makes Forget U So Simple.
The Words That Came Out Of Your Mouth,

I Never Knew Someone Could Be So Ruthless
U Made My Fun Infront Of Every One

How Cud You Behave Like Heartless
As Fast As It Got Good It Got Worse,

I Thank To God That Got Ur Love,But Now It’s Like A Curse.
After Meeting You My Life Become Worse

More Than Just Friends Is What I Wanted To Be,
But Now I Wish I Had Seen,

What Was Going To Happen To Me.
You Tore My Heart Into A Million Pieces,

You Made My Heart Bleed And Cry,
If Only I Had Seen Before,

That Ur Love Was Just A Joke And A Lie.
If Only I Had Seen Before,
I Wud Have Saved Myself ,If Only I Had Seen Before

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18 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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