If I Could

I Would Dance For You
To The Beat Of Your Heart
There’d Be No End
Once I Start
If I Could….. I Would Be Your Mountain
During Your Times Of Struggle
In My Love
You’ll Never Find A Double
If I Could…..Pain You Would Never Feel
Our Companionship Alone
Would Keep Your Heart Filled With Thrills
If I Could….. When It Rained,You’d Never Get Wet
The Umbrella Of Our Love Would Protect You
Rain Snow And Every Element
If I Could….. When You Walked
Your Feet Would Never Touch The Ground
I’d Carry You To Distant Lands Without A Frown
If I Could….Special You Would Always Feel
The Queen Of England Herself
Would Want To Know The Deal
If I Could…..I Would Be The Air You Breath
Just So You’d Know The Reason Why
Your Heart Skips A Beat
If I Could…… Cry You Would Never Do
Even If The Only Two People
Left In This World Were Me And You
If I Could….. I Would Grab A Star Out The Sky
And Present It To You As A Gift To Signify
Our Love Was Heaven Sent
If I Could….Rubies And Pearls You Would Always Have
And I Would Spoil You By Constantly
Making You Laugh
If I Could…. I Would Stops The Suns Excessive Heat
Just To Make Sure You Always
Stay Fresh And Sweet
If I Could…..I Would Have The Ants
Makes Us A Shelter Underground
So We Can Make Love And Never Be Found
If I Could…..Cllimax You Would Always Reach
I’d Have You Pullin Out Your Hair
And Biting Your Own Teeth
If I Could….. I Would Show You
What It Reallly Felt Like To Be Cherished
And Loved….After Me
You’d Endure No Man’s Touch.
So If I Could…. Have A Chance
Be Prepared For A Trip Of Romance!

by fphenomenal

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment

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