I Wonder Where The Stars Are

Looking To The Sky There’s Something Missing
The Nights Arrival In A Background Of Gray
The Moon Sits Above The Curtain On A Very Ominous Day
I Wonder Where The Stars Are Tonight?
Lights Fade In A Shrouded Skyline
Hopes That Exist Riding On A Prayer
Softly Speaking Your Name
Will I Wait Forever Waiting For The Moon
I Wonder Where The Stars Are Tonight?
I Sit With Hope Filling My Heart
I Feel An Anger Looking For A Reason
I Trust In Faith To Help Me Through This Day
Time It Waits For No One Every Second
Is An Eternity
I Wonder Where The Stars Are Tonight?
I Look To The Sky For The Clouds To Part
For A Glimpse Of Heavenly Light
Hanging My Hopes Upon A Prayer
Or A Miracle In The Night
I Look Deeper For A Meaning
And I Look Within Myself
There Is Patience In My Mourning
I Wonder Where The Stars Are Tonight?

by walkb99rhyme

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23 Jul 2008 No Comment

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