I Was Coming Down My Way

I Was Coming Down My Way
Ignoring Her House There Lay
I Was In Pleasure In Good Mood
And In Way I Find My Past Stood,

I Feel Nothing But Pleasure Too
I Felt Myself In A Heaven Too
And I Walk Towards My Way
In Way Where My Past Stay,

Nothing I Think, But I Dare
The Emotions That So Long I Care
Scattered Down If They’ll Fell
My Heaven Turned In The Hell

Look At The Sky Which Is So Huge
Broken Heart Of Mine, When She Refuse
I Walk Aslong The People, I Remind
As I Reached There A Stranger, I Find,

Unpredictable Is Nature And It’s Affection
My Emotions Faced Unknown Reaction
Whom I Think The Past Of Mine
Turned Her Back In A Behaviour Fine,

Intentions Were High All Come Down
Guilty Of Her, She Hid In Her Gown
What Of Mine And What To Do?
Whom I Think And She Was Who?

She Turned Her Back, Killed All Emotions Of Mine
Neglected All Devotions Of Mine
She Refused To Know Me As Her Freind
Showed Me A Nonsense Lifeless Trend,

I Think Nothing Come Down My Way
Ignoring Her Face, I Should Or May
The Best I Done With Her I Think!
Had She Done Well, The Girl In Pink?

The Fault Of Her Or The Fault Of Mine
I’d Forgotten The Past Whom, She Remind
Alas! She Stand If There Too Long
I’ll Tell Her That She Is Wrong,

Atlast My Dreams All Are Broken
I Was In Sleep Got Shocking Awaken
I Was In Reality,Oh At Last!
Why I Remind The Went Away Past!
Why I Remind The Went Away Past!

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