I Took Her Hand! She Gave, But Hesitatingly!

I Took Her Hand! She Gave, But Hesitatingly!
It Moistened: Moistened Fast Lately!
I Heard Her Panting Heart In Me!
She Kept On Looking: At Her Feet!

I’m Proud: I Have Some-One, So Sweet!
I May Not Sleep Tonight, It Seems!
Oh Love! Are You, All Waking Dreams?
She’s Far Away! She’s Far Away!!

She Loves Me: For, She Loves None-Else!
Her Lovely Eyes: Are Full Of Love!
Her Hands: Are Silky-Soft!
She’s A Dove! She Says:

‘beauties Must Have Tough Cores:
Fortunes Are Safe, In Locked-Up Doors!’
Now, Know: What I’m Feeling, For Long;
That Hums In Me, Like Drones, In Song!

‘i Have Discovered You, In Me!
Now, Let Me Watch Your Eyes!
They’re Deep! I Long, To Find, In Them,
My Dear! At What Great Depth, Now, I Belong!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment 3

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