I Stand Here Watching The Sunset

I Stand Here Watching The Sunset West,
Thinking Out Loud, Is This A Test.

Dreaming Of The Days Gone Past,
Where Did They Go? They Went Too Fast.

The Sun Beats Down Upon My Face,
Slowly Disappearing With Just A Trace.

Wondering About The Times We Had,
The Memories, The Love, It Makes Me Sad.

The Waves Come In From The Sea.
Is This Life? It Just Can’t Be.

You’ve Been Gone, Two Years Tomorrow.
My Heart Feels Pain, My Soul Feels Sorrow.

As I Walk Across The Sand
Asking Why, I Don’t Understand,

I Lay Flowers At Your Place Of Rest.
You Were My Love, My Life, The Best

More Shayari by Mehul Jain
05 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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