I Remember It

I Remember It,
Like It Was Last Night,

In A Horrible Situation,
To Defenceless To Fight.

Running Away,
It Was The Only Thing To Do,

So I Ran Thought The Door,
And Straight To You.

Seeing Me So Shaken,
To You It Was A Surprise,

You Welcomed Me With A Kiss,
And I Closed My Eyes.

Memories Of Us,
They Cloud My Mind,

You’re What I’ve Been Looking For,
And What I’ve Been Tring To Find.

All This Time Longing For,
Someone To Hold My Hand,

Walking Around Searching For,
Someone To Call My Man.

Someone To Walk With Me,
Through It All,

Someone Who Won’t Judge Me,
If I Shall Fall.

When My World’s Mixed Up,
Someone To Sort It Out,

You’re The One,
And I’ve Found You Now.

You Bring My Inside,
Out Of The Night,

You Wrap Me In Your Arms,
And Hold Me Tight.

You Wisper To Me,
That Everythings Ganna Be Okay,

Reasureing Me It Will Be Over Soon,
And I Belive Everything You Say.

Laying My Head On Your Chest,
I Feel So Much Security,

Your The Only One In The World,
That Understands Me.

Your Cuddling Me,
We’re In The Heat Of The Monment,

I Hear Your Heart Beat,
And I’m Glad That I Own It.

So Very Little Time To Live Life,
So Very Much To Do,

Taking Me To Ecstacy,
Being With You.

The Love We Share,
Its Such A Prodigy,

You Have My Heart,
As Long As Its In My Body.

When I Look Out To The World,
Your The Only One I See,

And I Can’t Help But To Smile,
Knowing That You Love Me.

Pulling Me Closer,
I Shiver At Your Touch,

Now I Realize,
I Never Knew I Was Missing So Much.

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18 Sep 2008 No Comment

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