I Miss U

I Miss U Each Second Of Life ,
Without You I Cant Survive

Life Is Meaningless Without You,I Just Cant Let You Go
I Have Been Trying To Keep Myself Busy

But Forget U For 1 Second Is Not Easy
I Tried To Go Out Tried To Meet Ppl Too

But Tell You Truth No One Could Give Me Happiness Which You Do
I’ve Tried Chatting With Other Guys,

But My Memory For You Never Dies.
My Love Growes For You After Each Try

I Am Nothing Without You
If You Will Leave Me I Will Be Forever Blue

Like Night Without Dreams, Day Without Sun Rays
Sky Without Cloud ,Sea Without Waves

I Sometimes Feel My Heart Will Burst
From Wanting You So Much

I Can’t Explain In Words Of How
I Long To Feel Your Touch

Whenever You Talk With Others ,You Know I Get Jealous
I Get Afraid Of That ,Get Nervous

In Nervosness If I Behave Badly
Plz Forgive Me And Take Me In Your Arms

Coz It Is Just A Matter Of Your Love Only
When You Say, You Love Me, I Forget All Worries And Fight

Your These Words Make Me Feel Light
But Why Did U Change Like This ,It Has Been Long Time

When U Called Me Jaanu ,Cuddled Me
I Want You To Behave Same Way

Come Back Soon ,Plz Dnt Leave Me
No One Can Replace You Believe Me

I Love You Very Much I Really Do ,
Missing You So Much Cant Live Without U

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16 Sep 2008 No Comment 3

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