I Lost My Head

Lady, The Man You Loved Lost His Head-
Doubtless, He’s Nowhere Else To Go.
Go, Chaste Him On The Rivers
Where The Snow Can’t Find Him There;
Or Maybe At The Meadows,
Climb Invisible Stairs.
The Man Who Loved You Lost His Head-
Restless, He’s Everywhere I Go.
Come Near Me, Take Him, Lock Him
To Your Heart, Please Leave No Key;
Or Maybe Bring Him To The Door
Which Opens Endlessly.
Lady…Dear Lady Are You Blind?
Your Lover Lost His Head
And Claims It On My Soul.
He’ll Never Find It There
As There Are No Invisible Stairs.
Come Quickly, Take Him Here-
Oh, God, You Lost Your Head Last Night?
How Come You Let Him Go This Way
To Me, I Love Him Not.
Dear Lady, Take Him Off My Bed-
I Think I Lost My Head.

Jane Tevar

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10 Mar 2017 No Comment 4

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