I Looked At You And Smiled The Other Day

I Looked At You And Smiled The Other Day
I Thought You’d See Me But You Didn’t

I Said, “I Love You” And Waited For What You Would Say
I Thought You’d Hear Me But You Didn’t

I Asked You To Come Outside And Play Ball With Me
I Thought You’d Follow Me But You Didn’t

I Drew A Picture Just For You To See
I Thought You’d Save It But You Didn’t

I Made A Fort For Us Back In The Woods
I Thought You’d Camp With Me But You Didn’t

I Found Some Worms ‘N Such For Fishing If We Could
I Thought You’d Want To Go But You Didn’t

I Needed You Just To Talk To, My Thoughts To Share
I Thought You’d Want To But You Didn’t

I Told You About The Game Hoping You’d Be There
I Thought You’d Surely Come But You Didn’t

I Asked You To Share My Youth With Me
I Thought You’d Want To But You Couldn’t

My Country Called Me To War,
You Asked Me To Come Home Safely

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