I Know You’re Not Queen Cleopatra

I Know You’re Not Queen Cleopatra
Of Whom, Shakespeare Said, ‘withers Not’
I Know You’re Not A Fiction Either
Where, Heroine Is Not A Trot

I See, You’re Real And, Purely Real
It’s Time To Wax And, Not To Wane
Yet, Cloudy Lines Are On Your Face
For Youth: Such Shadows Are Not Sane?

I Want Be Cautioned, Just Right Now
Stop Withering! And, Restore Your Self
Time Goes, And Goes For All-Ever
And With It Goes, One That’s So Sweet

We Long For Some One, Whole Our Life
Yet That One Never Comes To Meet
We Tried, Ourselves, Endlessly Yet
Our Finds, In Horizon, Are Zeroed

We Call, Endlessly, All The More
But, Hear Our Own Voices, Echoed
Let’s Call Us, Till Response Is Heard
And See, How We Can Both-Ways Help

That Day, Shocked Me And I Went Ill
‘twas Not Your Fault I’m My Own Kill
Sane Expectations Are Selfish
But Now, More Shocks Endure I Will

Don’t Pine For Me! It’s Not Needed
I’m Full Of Life! I’ll Live Alright
There Are Hundreds Of Things, So Sweet
Your Life Is Immature, But Bright

Look Forward There Are Better Things
Stop Withering, And Restore Your Self

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment

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