I Just Wanna Be Your Friend

I Once Like It That Way
That I Will Be Your Lover
To Kiss You On The Lips
To Embrace Your Body

To Stroke Your Hair
To Caress Your Arms
Down To Your Legs
On Nights Of My Emptiness

When Like The Night
I Like To Be These Skies To Be Filled With A Hundred Stars
So I Can Twinkle
All My Love To All The Sad Corners Of This Earth

But You Said It Is Impossible Because You Are Like The Wind
That Simply Passes By The Bosom Of The Sea Not Even Kissing
Its Corrals And Licking Its
White Shores

That You Can Be A Storm, A Cyclone That May Come On Shorter Notice
And Then Destroy All The Lovely Places That I Keep
And Take Away All The Treasures That I Hide

You Do Not Really Want These Calamities To Happen To Myself
Or To Anybody Else
I Only Ask To Be Your Lover Through And Through
And You Left Me
On That Shallow, Silly Explanation Of A Possible Destruction

I Miss You And I Cannot Really Live Without You
Come Back
Do Not Hide From Me With All The Excuses

Now, I Simply Like To Be Your Friend
As You Are The Wind Let Me Be The Grass And The Trees
And If In Time You Can Become The Cyclone
Let Me Be The Ocean
That You Imagine To Destroy

You Cannot Destroy The Water With Your Wind
With Your Cyclone The Ocean Shall Dance With Your Fury

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04 Sep 2008 No Comment

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