I Guess I Was Rong

When We First Kissed
I Thought You Were The One
When You First Said
You Loved Me
I Thought We’ed Be Forever
Then Like Lighting
You Were Tookin From Me
Gone In A Blink Of A Eye
Caught In A Lie
An Put Behind Bars
A Few Letters An A Phone Call
Now Your Free
An I Haven’t Heard A Word From You At All
You Told Me You Never Wanna Loose Me
That Were Ment To Be
But Now I Have My Doubts
People Saying Your Back
With Your Ex Girl Friend
An Some Saying Your Not Coming Back
I Don’t What To Beleave It
So Baby Tell Me What
I Need To Know Cause
I’m Dying In The Dark
I Need Your Touch
I Need To Heard You Say
You Love Me One More Time
I Need To Feel Safe In Your Arms
To Be Held
Cause Baby
I’m Lost An Don’t Know My Way Out
An Seeing U With Her
Today At The Mall Made Me Think
Was It All A Lie
Was I Just Played For A Fool
I Guess So
An Now I Have One Thing
To Say To U
Good-Bye To Your Love.

by Kiymoi

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08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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