I Can’t Seem To Forget About You

I Can’t Seem To Forget About You
I Wouldn’t Know The Reason Why
All You’ve Done Is Cause Pain
And Left Me Here To Cry

I Showed You How Much I Loved You
But You Still Didn’t Care
You Saw Me Cry More Then Once
And All You Did Was Stare

I Was Always There For You
I Was Like Your Best-Friend
I Was Willing To Be That One Girl
Till The Very End

I Was Willing To Do Anything
To Prove My Love For You
Obviously I Didn’t Try Hard Enough
Cuz It Don’t Seem Like It Went Through

So Why Do I Still Miss You
And Wanna See You Once More
What Is It About You
I Simply Love And Adore

I Don’t Know Why It Was
That I Stayed Close By Your Side
I Guess I Had Too Much Love For You
It Was Burning Me Inside

We Went Through It All
It Was Too Much For You To Take
I Was The One That Cared The Most
And The One That Cried The Lake

Hopefully You’ll Realize
Without Me Your Life’s Off Track
That Without Me You Ain’t Nothing
And You’ll Soon Come Running Back

Because You Wont Find Another Boy
That Can Ever Compare To Me
It Might Take You Quite Some Time
But At Last You’ll Finally See

I Don’t Know Why You Left Me
I Wanted You To Stay
The Reason Why I Keep Thinking About You
Is Cuz I Love You To This Day

I Will Never Stop Loving You
Even Though You Made Me Cry
We’ve Been Through So Much Things Together
Ill Love You Till The Day I Die

More Shayari by Faiq Waljee
07 Mar 2020 No Comment 9

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