I Can’t Promise I’ll Always Be By Your Side

I Can’t Promise I’ll Always Be By Your Side
To Give You A Hug
But I Will Always Be On The Other Side Of A Phone
I Can’t Promise Everything Will Be Alright

Because Sometimes I Just Don’t Know
But I Will Always Do My Best To Make Everything Ok
I Can’t Promise I Can Stop Your Tears

When They’re Falling So Hard You Could Drown In Them
But I Can Cry With You
I Can’t Promise I Can Catch You

When You’re Falling So Fast You’re Just A Blur
But I Can Fall With You, And Hold Your Hand When We Crash
I Can’t Promise I Can Help You Out Of Your Hole

Because The Truth Is I’m Right Down There With You
But I Can Try And Ease Your Pain
I Can’t Promise I Can Stop The Voices

Because I Can’t Even Control Them Myself
But I Can Understand
I Can’t Promise I Can Make You Better

When You Feel Like You’re Not Strong Enough To Go On
But I Can Be Strong For You
I Can’t Promise To Give You A Reason To Live

When You Feel Like You Can’t Take Anymore
But If You Let Me, I Can Hold You As You Slip Into An Eternal Sleep
And I Can’t Promise That Things Will Be Ok Soon
But I Can Promise That I Love You

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04 Jun 2018 No Comment 11

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