I’m Ready! You May Hit Once More?

I’m Ready! You May Hit Once More?
I’m Ready Your Love: Has Made Me Tough And Strong
I’m Not, An Easy Kill, For Sure
Often, My Foes Have, Too, Went Wrong

I’m Soft At Heart But, Firm   And Pure
You’re Lovely Yes, You’re Lovely, Dear
But, Why Should You Cultivate Fear?
Why Should You Leave, Your Own Resolves?

Pick Up And Move, In Your Best Gear
It’s   All Right,   You   Have Dealt A Blow
It Could Have Struck; But Was Too Slow
I Was, Though, De-Mobilized For A Day

But Quickly Recovered; An’ Went Through
I’m Older! Might Have Been  A  Bore ?
I’m  Ready You  May,  Now Hit More
Why, Should Not You Get, All Good Care ?

Why, I Should Not Be Always Fair ?
Why, Shouldn’t  I Be  All Reasonable ?
I Don’t Think, I’m That Mentally  Bare
My Ship- Man Threw Me, Off The Shore

I Got Tormented To My Core
It Was A Shock! But, I Swam Through
I’m, Now, On The Solid Ground: Ashore
Let’s Forget, What Went By These Days

Let, Morning  Bless  Us, Through  These Rays
Let’s Part, If It Suits You; My Dear
And, Let, These  Passions,  Get A Gauge
Yet, See,  I’m   Panting   To  The  Core
I’m  Ready You  May  Hit  Me More

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
17 Oct 2008 No Comment 1

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