I’m Looking For A Friend Today

I’m Looking For A Friend Today,
A Friend Who Will Never Stay Away

I Want A Friend, Or Maybe Two
I Want A Friend Just Like You

I’m Looking For A Friend, You See
A Friend Who Needs Someone Like Me

I Want This Friend, I Really Do
But I Want A Friend Just Like You

Im Looking For A Friend Sincere
A Friend Who’ll Always Bring Good Cheer
I Want A Friend Who Wants Me Too

I Want A Friend Who’s Just Like You
Im Looking For A Friend Whos Good

Who Does The Things A Kind Friend Should
I Want A Friend Who’s Happy Too

I Want A Friend Just Like You.
Im Looking For A Loving Friend,

Who Will Not Let Our Friendship End
I Want A Friend Whos Always True
I Think I Found My Friend- Its You!

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03 Aug 2009 1 Comment

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