Humaare Dil Pe Woh Khanjar Chalaae Jaate Hai

Humaare Dil Pe Woh Khanjar Chalaae Jaate Hai.N
Hum Uski Yaad Me.N Dil Ko Jalaa-E Jaate Hai.N

Humaara Haal Hua Kya Na Dekhaa Usne Kabhii
Hum Uski Yaad Me.N Aa.Nsoo Bahaae Jaate Hai.N

Woh Sang Dil Hai Mohabbat Kya Degii
Jo Har Kadam Pe Dil Meraa Dukhaaye Jaate Hai.N

Humne Darse Mohabbat Diyaa Jamaane Ko
Humaari Raah Me.N Kaa.Nte Bichhaae Jaate Hai.N

Woh Paarsaa The.E Bohot Kal Talak Magar Asfaq
Unhii Ke Chehre Pe Ab Daag Paae Jaate Hai.N

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14 Jun 2008 No Comment 329

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