How Should I Say

How Should I Say What Do You Mean To Me
What Does A Pearl Mean To A Sea
What Earth Means To Sky
What Flower Is To Butterfly

What Life Means To A Man
Who Is Just About To Die
What Desserts Feel When It Rains
What A Soothing Support Does When It Pains

Tell Me How Should I Say What You Mean To Me
You Are  My Mind My Soul My Heart
A Dream So Beautiful
An Experience So Wonderful

A Passion That Ignites
A Warmth That Invites
Sometimes A Smile Grossly Best
Sometimes A Tear So Honest

I Wish I Could Gift You The Entire World
But Can Only Give You My Heart Instead
Tell Me How Should Say What You Mean To Me
When Words Are Too Less

For They Could Never Suffice
The Feeling Of Tender Love And Caress
Even Your Simple Touch Makes Me So Sure
That There Is Someone Who Loves Me So Pure

A Thought That Makes Me Miss You Even More
Destiny Would Grab And Take You Away
We Can Only Take Life As It Comes Our Way

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