Here I Lay

N My Bed Here I Lay
After The Conversation We Had Today.

Although We Haven’t Been Seeing Each Other Long
To My Surprise
My Emotions Seem To Be Strong.

I Hate Asking Questions That I’m Not Ready To Know The Answer To
But I Know Your Words Will Speak The Truth.

When You Told Me What Was Going On
It Felt As If My Heart Was Struck By A Thorn.

I Know You Said That It’s No Big Deal
I Hate Sharing
And That’s On The Real.

Honestly I Like You
I Really Do
And I Cherish Each Moment-Spent W/you.

I Always Look Forward To The Next Day
To Lay Snuggly In Your Arms
As We Lay.

You’re Constantly On My Mind
I Try To Shake It Loose
When I Don’t Hear From You
I Don’t Know What To Do.

How/what You Think Of Me?
At The Moment My Eyes Can’t See
And I’m Afraid To Ask
So I Let It Be.

You’re A Free Agent This I Know
But If I’m Wasting My Time
Please Tell Me So.

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