Here And There

Here And There, My Eyes Search For You
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love You.

I Try To Run Away, Close My Eyes
And Still What I See Is You.

You Tell Me To Get Over You
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love U.

Any Time, I Think Of A Guy
You Are The One On My Mind.

You Are The One, Yes Thats True
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love U.

When You Tell Me Whats Good For Me
I Can Feel That You Still Care For Me.

And You Say, You Don’t Love Me
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love U.

When I See Your Innocent Face
All The Memories Come Back.

You Say, You Have Forgotten Me
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love U.

You Say, You Hate Me To Death
Believe It Or Not, I Still Love U.

Maybe Because My Love For You
Is Stronger Than Your Hatred.

Right Now, You May Be Thinking
And Feeling So Bad That You May Wish

Why Won’t This Girl Leave Me Alone.
But Sadly, This Love Cannot Be Cloned

But One Day, I May Be Able To Move On
And When You Look Back, I Will Be Gone.

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