He Was The Son Of God

He Was The Son Of God ‘Tis Said Yet Him They Crucified
And Nailed To A Timber Cross On Calvary Wearing A Crown Of Thorns He Died
And A Similar Fate Him Would Befall Were He Around Today
The Good Condemned To Suffer As Some Are Known To Say.

Good People Suffering And Dying In War Zones In Cities Far Away
How Come For The Crimes Of Others The Good Are Made To Pay?
For To Be In The Wrong Place And There At The Wrong Time
Can For Them Result In Death Or Serious Injury The Victims Of Heinous Crime.

How Come The Good Do Suffer Many Condemned To Poverty
And Many Condemned To Die In Agony Like Christ On Calvary
Two Thousand And Eight Years Have Passed Since He Died In Time A Lengthy Spell
Yet Millions Today Are Suffering And Life For Them Is Earthly Hell.

He Was The Son Of God ‘Tis Said And None As Great As He
He Lived Again And His Fame Lives On In Immortality
But Many Good People Have Suffered And Died Since And It Does Seem Sad To Say
That A Similar Fate Him Would Befall Were He Around Today.

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27 Jun 2008 No Comment

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