Have You Ever Felt So Despondent

Have You Ever Felt So Despondent That In Public You Choke Back The Tears
And Mentally You Feel Deflated You Haven’t Felt This Way For Years
You Feel That The World Is Against You Of Any Hope In Your Life You Despair
Remember There Are Many Like You And People Like You Are Not Rare.

The Saddest Thing Of All About Sadness Is That When You Do Feel Sad You Do Feel Alone
Yet Like What Is Said By The Wise One Let The One Without Sin Cast The Stone
For You Life Has Become A Battle And You Feel Overburdened By Care
And Only Your Survival Instincts Help You To Keep Hanging In There.

When Depressed Few Wish To Talk To You Though ‘Tis Not That They Wish To Be Rude
They Can Sense The Way You Are Feeling And On Your Feelings Do Not Wish To Intrude
Most Do Feel Drawn To Those Who Are Happy To People Who Do Seem Carefree
If You Look Despondent And Sad Faced They Do Tend For To Leave You Be.

Have You Ever Felt So Deflated That From People You’d Like To Hide
You Feel That Life Is Not Worth Living And You Harbour Thoughts Of Suicide
Life For You Has Become A Battle As With Your Problems You Struggle To Cope
But You Have The Survival Instincts And Where There Is Life There Is Hope.

Francis Duggan

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment

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