Har Waqt Ek Ajeeb Sa Khayal Rehta Hai

Har Waqt Ek Ajeeb Sa Khayal Rehta Hai,
Kab Honge Fansle Kam Ye Sawal Rehta Hai,

Waqt Se Kehte Hai Unhe Jaldi Le Aa,
Jinke Bina Ab Har Ik Pal Behaal Rehta Hai.

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04 Oct 2013 2 Comments 14

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Har Waqt 1 Ajib Sa Khayal Rehta He, Kab Honge Fansle Kam Ye Sawal Rehta He, Waqt Se Kehte He Unhe Jldi Le A, Jinke Bina Ab Hr Ik Pal Behal Rehta He.

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