Har Pal Tujhe Yaad Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Har Pal Tujhe Yaad Yeh Dil Karta To Hai
Teri Khushi Ki Fariyaad Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Tumne To Karli Bewafai Humse
Fir Bhi Tujhi Se Wafa Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Meri Mohabbat Ko Tune Kai Ilzaam De Diye
Fir Bhi Tujhe Chahne Ki Khata Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Tod Ke Wada Tum Chal Diye
Fir Bhi Tera Intzaar Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Gham Tujhe Kabhi Chhoo Na Paaye
Bus Yehi Dua Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Tere Sare Aansoo Muhje Mil Jaaye
Yehi Iltizaa Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Dil Ke Badle Dil Ke Anginat Tukde Mile Hume
Toota Hua Hi Sahi Tere Liye Yeh Dil Dhadkata To Hai

Na Mil Saki Mohabbat Teri Hume
Fir Bhi Tujhise Mohabbat Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Tum To Kar Na Sake Iqraar-E-Mohabbat
Lekin Pyar Ka Izhaar Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

Har Modd Per Sivaye Dagaa Kuch Na Diya Tumne
Fir Bhi Tere Liye Khuda Se Takraar Yeh Dil Karta To Hai

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