Har Mohabbat Wafaa Nahi Hoti

Har Mohabbat Wafaa Nahi Hoti
Har Wafaa Adaa Nahi Hoti

Kya Tamanna Ki Ab Jarurat Hai
Puri Koi Dua Ab Nahi Hoti

Mil Jaaye Jo Har Ek Muqam Par
Dosti Wo Dawaa Nahi Hoti

Sab Ke Haathon Mei Hai Diye
Lekin Roshni Kyun Nahi Hoti

Dhundte Kya Ho Iss Shaher Mei Ab
Har Surat Aashna Nahi Hoti

Shayed Aasman Pe Qayam Hoga Ab
Zamin Ke Kimat Ab Adaa Nahi Hoti

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10 Feb 2019 No Comment 21

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