Har Garhi Jahan Bayaan Kerta Gaya

Har Garhi Jahan Bayaan Kerta Gaya,
Khud Wahin Zikr-E-Wafa Hota Gaya.

Hum Na The Kisi Bazm Mein Shamil Hue,
Jaane Phir Kyuin Faasla Hota Gaya.

Jab Dooriyan Thien Beech Mein Aisi Badien,
Ki Kaasidon Ka Daakhila Hota Gaya.

Dil Se Muflis Our The Woh Be-Rukhe,
Ki Harkaton Se Jaayza Hota Gaya.

Rooth Ker Bhi Dil Pe Unka Raaz Tha,
Ye Dekh ‘Harash’ Shaayda Hota Gaya.

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24 Dec 2007 No Comment 5

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