Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Thinking Back To Yesterdays
When Just A Little Girl
All The Special Moments
Sets My Heart Awhirl

Your Gentle Hugs ‘N Kisses
Cuddling For Awhile
Tender Touch Like Feathers
Always Brought A Smile

Teenage Years And Heartbreak
Mistakes Along The Way
Your Arms And Heart Wide Open
Should I Fall Astray

Married Now With Children
Gosh, How Much They’ve Grown
Thinking Back To Days Now Gone
How The Time Has Flown

For Everytime You Held Me
And Kissed Away My Tears
For Every Single Sacrifice
All Throughout The Years

For The Times I Didn’t Say It
‘I Truly Love You, Mom’
Of All The Special Mothers
I’m Glad That You Are Mine

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Rose Marie Streeter

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