Hanstay Hanstay Wo Ro Parhtie Thie

Hanstay Hanstay Wo Ro Parhtie Thie
Kitnie Pagal Wo Larkie Thie

Iss Kai Hontt To Chup Rahtay Thay
Aankhon Sai Batain Kartie Thie

Chatt Par Dhoop Main Baithie Baithie
Din Bhar Wo Sapnay Bunntie Thie

Uljhie Yaadain Sulghanay Main
Sarie Raat Ganwa Daitie Thie

Kitna Tha Tharao Iss Main
Lakin Wo Kitnie Gahrie Thie

Ek Din Chaltay Chaltay Iss Nai
Mujh Sai Koi Batt Kahi Thie

Aur Phir Rasta Ik Nahi Tha
Iss Kie Manzil Aur Koie Thie

Bilkul Waisay Phool Khilay Haan
Jaisay Wo Hanstie Rahtie Thie

Ubb To Bhool Gia Hoon Shayed
Iss Par Ik Ghazal Likhie Thie

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