Hamne Dilon Ke Rishton Mein Pyar Bante Dekha

Hamne Dilon Ke Rishton Mein, Pyar Bante Dekha,
Jafa Bhi Bante Dekhi, Intzaar Bante Dekha.

Zubaan Se Jhadte Bolon Ka, Haar Bante Dekha,
Pathher Bhibante Dekha, Kataar Bante Dekha.

Bante Hue Gharon Ko, Minaar Bante Dekha,
Sehra Bhi Bante Dekha, Mazaar Bante Dekha.

Naari Ko Is Jagat Main, Avtaar Bante Dekha,
Nagin Bhi Bante, Chhinaar Bante Dekha.

Ai ‘Harash’ Yaar Yaaron Ka, Bimaar Bante Dekha,
Dushman Bhi Bante Dekha, Khaar Bante Dekha.

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