Hai Jagah Abhi Kafi Dard

Hai Jagah Abhi Kafi Dard
Paimana Bhar Jane Ke Liye

Hai Jagah Aabhi Kafi Ashq
Tujhe Aankho Mein Chupane Ke Liye

Hai Pyaar Aabhi Kafi Dard
Tujhe Yaar Banane Ke Liye

Hai Wajah Aabhi Kafi Ashq
Hujhe Phir Se Bahane Ke Liye

Hai Nasha Aabhi Kafi Dard
Nas Nas Mein Bhar Jaane Ke Liye

Unke Liye Taiyaar Ho Ashq
Phir Girker Bikhar Jaane Ke Liye

Hai Dard Bas Kafi Dard
Ye Saans Aakhri Le Jaane Ke Liye

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