Hafaa Na Hoo

Hafaa Na Hoo Hum Chaley Jatay Hain
Sadaa Khush Rahoo Hum Chaley Jatay Hain

Hum Dil Ko Thaam Ker Chaley Jatay Hain
Bool Jaoon Tumein Yeh Mumkin Nahin

Booloon Kessey Bataoo Hum Chaley Jatay Hain
Kiya Hataa Hoi Hum Say Yeh To Bataoo

Juram Sabat Keroo Hum Chaley Jatay Hain
Dilwale Ka Dil Howa Hai Tukray Tukray

Tukray Utha Loo Hum Chaley Jatay Hain
Hafaa Na Hoo  Hum Chaley Jatay Hain

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 2

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