Haal Dildoz, Bataaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Haal Dildoz*, Bataaney Key Liye Aaougey?
Na Sahee Wasl, Rulaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Log Beytaab Hain Fir, Noor-E-Hoor Key Khaatir:
Na Sahee Meyrey, Zamaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Eik Bhi Gul Kaa Nishaan Bhi Kaheen Naheen Baaqee;
Dawaam-E-Husn** Dikhaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Kal Sey Deedaar-E-Tabassum Key Liye Hoon Beychain:
Aaj, Panghat Pai Nahaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Gaa Rahee Andleeb, Mouasm-E-Bahaar Piye?
Usee Kaa Saath Nibhaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Beykhudee Badhh Rahee, Rawaan-E-Nabz Hai Ma’azoor#;
Dharhakaney, Dil Kee, Badhhaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Bulaa-Bulaa Key Tumhain Roz, Thak Chalaa Hoon! ‘Abd’,
Nazm-E-Dilgeer## Sunaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
13 Oct 2016 No Comment 7

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