Guzri Yaadon Ko Is Seene Se Lagayein Kaise

Bata Teri Tasveer Ko Seene Se Lagayein Kaise…..
Guzri Yaadon Ko Is Seene Se Lagayein Kaise…..

Kutch Sulagta Hua Zehan Mein Uth Raha Hai….
Chalti Nabzon Ki Sulgan Ko Bujhayein Kaise…..

Khuda Se Pehle, Ek Tera Naam Liya Karte The….
Tabdiliyan-E-Aadatan-E-Ibaadat Layein Kaise…

Har Lafz Tere Pehle Khat Ka Yaad Hai Humein….
Teri Har Us Tehreer Ko Dil Se Mitaayein Kaise….

Mere Bikharne Ka Sabab, Poocha Na Tumne
Tum Hi Batao, Gairon Ko Raaz Batayein Kaise…..

Poochte Hain Duniya Waale Ki Tum Kahan Ho….
Kutch Waade Hain Pyar Ke Nibhaayein Kaise….

Zakhmon Ke Nishaan Mit Jaayeinge ^aman^…..
Khud Ko Is Jhoot Pe Eitbaar Dilyaaein Kaise.

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 10

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