Gurma Hai Bey Hisab

Gurma Hai Bey Hisab : Magar Too Naheen Hai Paas !
Kitna Hai Gurm Aab : Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Mein, Maykadey Mein Haaziree Deyney Gayaa Hoon Roz :
Ab, Doon Kisey Hisaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Saaqee Ka Bulaabbaa Hai, Magar Neend Mein Hoon Mein :
Ho Jaungaa Kharaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Bulbul Hai Aashiyan Mein : Yaheen Paas Hi Kaheen,
Taiyaar Hai Uqaab, Ma Gartoo Naheen Hai Paas !

Hai Maykada, Hain Khum, Hain Jaam; Saaqiyaa Naheen !
Baaqee Hai Kya Janaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Raaton Mein Khwaab; Din Mein Khwaab; Khwaab Subah-O-Sham :
Jeeta Hoon Mahaz Khwaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Is Bheerh Mein, Khojoon Mein Tujhey Kaisey Saaqiyaa ?
Hain Bus Naqaab Hi Naqaab : Too Naheen Hai Paas !

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
23 May 2019 No Comment 4

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