Gum-A Zindgi Ka Bhojh Ab Uthaya Nahi Jata

Gum-A Zindgi Ka Bhojh Ab Uthaya Nahi Jata
Papdaye Hue Hothon Se Muskaya Nahi Jata

Khyar Khawabon Ke Shaher Mein Rahene To Aa Gaye
Itni Jaldi Khof Dil Se Bhulaya Nahi Jata

Koi To Apna Bhi Vajood Hota Hoga
Ta-Umra Abhinaya Mein Patra Nibhaya Nahi Jata

Jin Darakhton Ne Daan Liya Kat Jana Hi
Un Darakhton Ke Siron Ko Jhukaya Nahi Jata

Jin Makano Ki Chokhton Mein Derwaje Hi Nahi
Un Makano Pr Tala Kabhi Lagaya Nahi Jata

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25 Nov 2008 No Comment 12

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