The Lights Turned Off,
The Noise Relaxed,
All That Was Left,
Was Him And The Axe.

He Walked To It Slowly,
Hearing Nothing But Silence,
He Began To Feel A Presence,
And Grabbed It With Violence.

He Tried To Get Out,
Little Did He Know,
That When He Was There,
No-One Else Was To Show.

He Heard Something Behind Him,
And Swung Around In Fear,
When Suddenly Hearing,
A Whisper At His Ear.

He Held The Axe Tightly,
Swinging It With Might.
He Saw What Was Ehind Him,
Standing There With Fright.

He Swung It Yet Again,
Leaving A Hole In The Figure,
The Ghost Became Angry,
Making Itself Bigger.

It Charged Towards Him,
Screaming A High Pitched Scream.
The Boy Stood There In Shock,
Wondering What It Could Mean.

He Swung The Axe At The Ghost,
Aiming For Its Head.
The Creature Reflected It,
Leaving Him Dead.

He Was Found At School The Next Day,
With The Weapon In His Head
And Written In Blood,
Upon The Axe It Said:

‘This Is A Warning,
Leave Now You Must,
Or Else Very Soon,
All Your Souls Will Combust

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